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--- Citer ---Storm Division Dynamic Update
This dynamic update will focus on Storm Division and Cygnar warjacks. There were no changes made to theme lists as a result of this dynamic update.


Change PC to 15
Dev Notes: Several of the Cygnar heavy warjacks were simply too expensive, the Avenger is a great example of this. When comparing the Avenger to the Ghordson Avalancher, the Avenger just came up short. At 2 more points, the Avenger had 2 less armor, 2 less range on its gun, but a better melee weapon and defense when compared to the Avalancher. Very similar ’jacks should have very similar point values. That isn’t always the case, but at least in this case it seemed like a glaringly obvious comparison.

Chance PC to 16
Add Shield Guard ability to model
Shield Guard: Once per round, when a friendly model is directly hit by a non-spray ranged attack during your opponent’s turn while within 3˝ of this model, you can choose to have this model directly hit instead. This model is automatically hit and suffers all damage and effects. This model cannot use Shield Guard while it is incorporeal, knocked down, or stationary
Dev Notes: Along with a small point drop, the Centurion is becoming the go-to defensive Cygnar heavy. With Imprint: Polarity Field and solid armor, picking up Shield Guard makes this heavy and those it protects a difficult nut to crack. With a strong melee presence and potent defensive abilities, this warjack should find its way into many more Cygnar army lists.

Change PC to 14
Dev Notes: The Defender was another good example of a functional warjack at its core, but one costed too high.

Change PC to 13
Add Accumulator [Storm Knight] ability to model
Accumulator [Storm Knight]: When it begins its activation within 3˝ of one or more friendly Storm Knight models, this model gains 1 focus point.
Dev Notes: The Stormclad has already proven itself useful with Storm Knights, but its range counterpart was coming up short. With a small reduction in points and significantly increased efficiency, this model will be finding its way into many Storm Division lists after this update.

Change PC to 18
Change Shock Fist POW to 6, P+S to 18
Dev Notes: The Thunderhead should be the central focus of a Storm Division list; however, it was proving too expensive, and once it was locked in melee, it was unable to get back out again. We considered increasing the range of its gun, but that, combined with snipe, was starting to kill huge chunks of the table in one fell swoop. Instead, we focused on what it was lacking. Increasing the POW of its melee weapon should give it a bit more counterpunch, but more important, reducing the point value will not have such a high opportunity cost to get this powerful gun on the table.


Stormblade Infantry
Remove Electrical Arc rule from unit
Change Grunt Glaive Bolt ranged weapon to RNG 6 and POW 14
Change Grunt Storm Glaive melee weapon to POW 9 and P+S 15
Add Assault  to Leader and Grunt stat bar
Change DEF on Leader and Grunt to 13
Dev Notes: Instead of going back to the drawing board on Stormblades, we just made them do what they already did better and with less hoops to jump through. The Electrical Arc rule was just incorporated into their Glaive Bolt, so they always have the +2 RNG and POW. The Storm Glaive received a significant bump from POW 7 to POW 9, letting these elite units hit like trucks. Additionally, they also don’t need their officer to get the assault they need to function. Finally, Storm Division units in general all received a bump to their DEF—heavily armored ones going to 13 and lightly armored ones going to 14.

Stormblades should be able to rip apart weaker ’jacks and dispatch all but the best-armored units in the game. These changes should help them accomplish that goal while increasing their likelihood of actually making it to their targets.

Stormblade Infantry Officer & Standard
Remove Granted: Assault ability from officer
Change both Storm Glaive Blast ranged weapon to RNG 6 and POW 14
Change both Storm Glaive melee weapon to POW 9 and P+S 15
Add Assault  to Officer and Standard stat bars
Add Granted: Relentless Charge ability to Officer
Granted: Relentless Charge: While this model is in formation, when advancing as part of a charge, models in its unit gain Pathfinder .
Change DEF on Officer and Standard to 13
Dev Notes: The Officer and Standard received all the same changes the Stormblades did; however, since the officer no longer needs to grant assault, they picked up Grant: Relentless Charge. Pathfinder is at a premium in Storm Division and will remain so even after this update, but at least a fully kitted-out Stormblade unit will not have to fear getting caught in the mud on the turn they need to take down a threat.

Stormblade Infantry Storm Gunner
Add Assault  to model stat bar
Change Storm Thrower ranged weapon to RNG 12 and POW 14
Change DEF to 13
Dev Notes: The Storm Gunner also gained the permanent benefit of Electrical Arc. Their Electrical Current rule should be seeing much more use with the general range weapons of the Stormblades being much less restricted based on positioning.

Stormguard Infantry
Add Wall of Steel ability to Leader
Wall of Steel: While this model is B2B with one or more models in its unit, it gains +2 ARM.
Add ‘Wall of Steel – see above’ ability to Grunts
Change DEF on Leader and Grunts to 13
Remove Electrical Discharge ability from Nexus Blast ranged weapon
Add Electroconduction ability to Nexus Blast ranged weapon
Electroconduction – Models hit by this attack suffer +2 damage from electrical damage rolls  for one round.
Dev Notes: Stormguard and their Silver Line counterparts had something of a swap for their abilities. Stormguard Infantry now provide the bonus to electrical damage with the newly simplified rule Electroconduction. Being able to provide this bonus with an AoE 4 should make applying it a little easier when you are in dire need for your electrical damage to hit that much harder.

Stormguard also enjoy the blanket buff to their defense that Stormblades gained. Finally, by picking up Wall of Steel, these heavily armored troopers should be able to survive more. With the Unyielding armor bonus granted by the theme list in conjunction with Wall of Steel, they are up to 19 armor!

Silver Line Stormguard
Add Wall of Steel ability to Leader
Wall of Steel: While this model is B2B with one or more models in its unit, it gains +2 ARM.
Add ‘Wall of Steel – see above’ ability to Grunts
Change DEF on Leader and Grunts to 13
Change unit PC to 9 for minimum unit and 15 for maximum unit
Remove Electroconduction ability from Electromagnetic Blast ranged weapon
Add Voltaic Snare ability to Electromagnetic Blast ranged weapon
Voltaic Snare – This attack causes no damage. Warjacks hit suffer –4 DEF and cannot run, charge, or make slam or trample power attacks for one round.

Dev Notes: With their focus on increasing electrical damage given to their counterparts, Silver Line picked up a new trick: warjack control. Along with a small point drop and the same buffs to survivability that regular Stormguard received, Silver line Stormguard should offer some more options to all Storm Division lists.

Stormsmith Storm Tower
Change SPD to 3 on Gunner
Add Stormcall ability to Storm Tower ranged weapon
Stormcall – Attacks with this weapon ignore concealment, cover, and Stealth .
Remove Crit Disruption  from Storm Tower ranged weapon
Add Disruption  to Storm Tower ranged weapon
Dev Notes: The Storm Tower got several quality-of-life updates. Its speed increased because most weapon crews with only one crew member are SPD 3. Stormcall should dramatically increase the accuracy of this artillery piece while giving yet another answer to stealth in Storm Division. And finally, switching Crit Disruption for full Disruption should give this piece a place as anti-warjack and anti-infantry, exactly as it was meant to be.

Stormsmith Grenadiers
Change PC to 5
Change DEF to 14
Add Advance Deployment  to unit stat bar
Add Reposition [3˝] ability to unit
Reposition [3˝] – At the end of an activation in which it did not run or fail a charge, this model can advance up to 3˝, then its activation ends.
Dev Notes: The Stormsmith Grenadiers were doing what they were supposed to, but with their short range, they were having problems getting to the fight on time. Picking up Advance Deployment should help with that, as well as reduce the clutter of an infantry-heavy list Storm Division list on the deployment line. The change to defense 14 reflects the higher defense in general for all Storm Division models. Reposition [3˝] gives them a similar place to other elite three-man short-range shooting units: get in, soften things up, then get out of the charge lane of the Stormblades. Finally, a small point drop got this unit into the right place.


Stormblade Captain
Change PC to 4
Change DEF to 13
Add Desperate Pace [Stormblade or Stormguard] (*Action) ability to model
Desperate Pace [Stormblade or Stormguard] (*Action): RNG CMD. Target friendly Stormblade or Stormguard unit. If the unit is in range, Stormblade or Stormguard models in the unit gain +2˝ movement during their Normal Movement this turn.
Dev Notes: The much-awaited Desperate Pace! Many of you will be disappointed that it is an action instead of an “anytime” ability, but we can’t have everything. To compensate for the action requirement, the captain dropped to 4 points, which should help a lot because Lt. Gwen Keller will be filling right into those vacated requisition options.

Lt. Gwen Keller
Change PC to 5
Change Glaive Bolt ranged weapon to RNG 6 and POW 14
Change Storm Glaive melee weapon to POW 9 and P+S 15
Add Leadership [Storm Knight] ability to model
Leadership [Storm Knight] – While in this model’s command range, friendly Storm Knight models gain Force Barrier.
Add Flank [Storm Knight] ability to model
Flank [Storm Knight] – When this model makes a melee attack against an enemy model in the melee range of another friendly Storm Knight model, this model gains +2 to attack rolls and gains an additional damage die.
Dev Notes: Lt. Gwen Keller, who was originally a part of the Company of Iron starter box, is getting a major overhaul in time for her general release in September. She is the only one in the entire dynamic update to have increased in point value, and she needed to because she is a powerhouse now. Not only did she get the same buffs to her weapons as Stormblades, she also picked up Flank [Storm Knight], meaning that with the right set up, she will be hitting as hard as Acosta!

Finally, her claim to fame, Leadership [Storm Knight], gives out her Force Barrier in an 8˝ bubble. Just in case you were thinking that +1 DEF to all Storm Division units wasn’t enough to get them to the enemy, Gwen has you covered.

Stormsmith Stormcaller
Change PC to 1
Change FA to 9
Change DEF to 14
Dev Notes: Stormcallers are a mainstay part of the Stormsmith side of Storm Division. Instead of changing how they work, we went for the much simpler approach of dropping their points from 5 for 3 to 1 for 1. Have points to fill in? Stormcallers have your back. Note that the requisition option did not change, so you still get 3 for one requisition option.

Sir Dreyfus the Storm Knight
Change DEF to 13
Dev Notes: Dreyfus was fine, but since all the other Storm Knights were getting a free defense he did, too.

Savio Montero Acosta
Change model subtype to: Mercenary Ordic Storm Knight Thamarite
Change Storm Glaive Blast ranged weapon to RNG 6 and POW 14
Change Storm Glaive melee weapon to POW 9 and P+S 15
Dev Notes: Finally, our old friend Acosta found his way into the dynamic update because all his other Storm Knights were getting better weapons. He would not be left behind, so he found himself an upgraded Storm Glaive as well. Finally he picked up the Storm Knight tag because… well… he is one…
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Bon ben c'est cool ! A voir si je peux faire une compo Nemo1 qui tienne à peu près la route !

Bon boost pour la pièce d'artillerie que j'adore, Thunderhead et des Jacks que j'ai peints (Avenger, Defender) et les Stormblades.   :)

Devinez qui c'est qui est content ?... ;D ;D ;D


--- Citation de: Titi le 24 juin 2021 à 21:27:25 ---Devinez qui c'est qui est content ?... ;D ;D ;D

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C'est nous !! :)


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