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John McForester:
Oui la grosse bestiole est confirmée solo :

--- Citer ---Siege Tarask (Taraskadon)
--- Fin de citation ---

On a les noms de tout ce dont on a des photos ici


The Jackal is a monstrous machine, an Orgoth warjack infused with the savage spirit of a ravening beast. Scarred from the ancient memory of their bitter defeat, the Orgoth sought to replicate the formidable power of western Immoren’s warjacks that thwarted their occupation after the first invasion. Lacking either the industrial capabilities or the skilled knowledge for such creations, the Orgoth Vulcars turned to infernal sacral magic, ultimately producing brutal hunting hounds for their warcasters to master and command. Far more beast than machine, the Jackals bound into battle, wreaking gruesome deaths upon all who would stand against them.

The Jackal can run or charge without spending focus.
When it charges a living or undead model, this model gains +2˝ movement.
Cannon with RNG 14, POW 14 and Critical Brutal Damage.

If the Jackals are the hunting beasts of the Orgoth warcasters, the Tyrants are their metallic machines of war. Like all Orgoth warjacks, the Tyrants are inhabited by the spirits of fearsome beasts and are notably invested with savage and cunning: their Vulcar creators seek only the most vicious and fearsome of beasts to distill into the iron-caged frames of the Tyrants. Bristling with brutal and hell-marked arms, the Tyrants are devastating combatants empowered with arcane energies and raw Blaze power.

When this model suffers damage from an enemy attack, after the attack is resolved, it can immediately make a full advance directly toward the attacking model.
Head weapon is a second melee attack.
Its Belcher ranged weapon is a powerful AOE attack that causes continuous fire.


A savage warlord inhabited by a reckless and renowned spirit from darkest antiquity, Horruskh is among the most formidable warriors in the Orgoth host. Inarguably the scion of an unbroken chain of ruthless conquerors, Horruskh has lived a thousand lives that appear to him in broken dreams, driving his ambition and propelling him headlong into every fresh slaughter and atrocity. It is only through such terrifying acts that he can draw the attention of the Fellgoeth and gather the souls necessary to barter his way from the darkness of the Outer Abyss. And when he first laid eyes on the shores of Immoren, Horruskh knew he had been here before and had made the continent bleed. If Sabbreth is the architect of the Orgoth invasion, then Horruskh, The Thousand Wraths, is its unbreakable spirit.

– When a friendly Faction model makes an attack or damage roll during its activation while in Horruskh’s control range, Horruskh can spend 1 power point to allow the model to reroll that roll.
– Feat grants +3 ARM and 4+ Tough roll.
– Once per activation, when Horruskh destroys an enemy model with a melee attack, he can cast a spell without spending focus.

A fearsome living legend even among her equally vicious people, Sabbreth has come to be known as The Eternal Annihilation because to face her is to face utter oblivion. A Matron Tenebrous on the Path of the Reaper, this warcaster is one of the deadliest warriors ever to rise from the ranks of the warwitches. Of humble origins, her soul has only lived a scant number of lives, belying her dark influence over the history of her people. She was said to have taken part in the grim insurrection that lifted the warwitches to power over the Orgoth generations ago. But in this current incarnation, she chose the warrior’s path and set about carving a trail of hell-wrought glory. With her people hungry for vengeance and reaching the apex of their power, it was Sabbreth, along with her fell sisters, who laid out the plan for the Orgoth invasion of Immoren and it was Sabbreth whom they chose to lead it.

– High-ranking Orgoth warwitch.
– Has Pathfinder, Prowl, and Overtake.
– Her feat enables her to unleash her arsenal of spells.
– She can automatically hit enemy models with spells that she first hits with one of her rune blades.

Un teasing qui va être balayé à la parution des cartes.

Reaver Skirmishers—Unit

Skilled ambushers and terrifying killers, the reaver skirmishers exist to strike terror and submissiveness into the hearts of those who would oppose the Orgoth host. These savage fighters are devout members of the Fellgoeth cults, seeking to one day climb from the pits of death upon their towering piles of victims, each a solemn sacrifice to be bartered in the afterlife. These warriors race to combat with paired weapons, heedless of any enemy foolish enough to stray into their paths.

    Advanced Deployment, Ambush Pathfinder, and Overtake.
    They can each make two melee attacks.

Reaver Commander—Solo

The reaver commanders are the battle-hardened officers of the Orgoth host. Ambitious, vicious, and murderously skilled, they are the taskmasters of the Orgoth army, each seeking to distinguish themselves on the field of battle to climb their personal corpse piles into eternal rebirth. While some few rise from the ranks of the most prestigious clans, all are masters of motivating their forces to flawlessly enact their masters’ plans toward absolute and bloody victory.

    Pathfinder, Battle Plans, and Overtake.
    Potent melee combatant.

Reaver Standard Bearer—Attachment

Reinforcing and emboldening the masses of reaver fighters, these dark warriors are entrusted to bear the fell totems and standards of the Orgoth. Imbued with dark magic, they not only sow withering weakness amongst their enemies, but they also impart an unnatural ferocity to those soldiers who battle beneath the standard’s grim shadow. Should a bearer fall, it is all but certain that another will rise to take their place, as competition to carry these accursed standards—and thus the draw the attention of the Fellgoeth—is ferocious in its own way.

    Can be added to any Reaver unit.
    When an enemy model suffers a damage roll while with 5 ˝ of the Standard, increase the damage suffered by 1.
    Has a melee attack.


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