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Finally over!

Plane in 3 hours.

Off top
Can any one give me an address of wargaming club in Lyon?
Thanks and see you all soon!

Done in two days

It was speed paint so dont judge too hard  :-\

Archives French Open 2011 in Lyon, France, July 9/10 / Who is ready?
« le: 01 juillet 2011 à 11:02:36 »
Its 6 days till my plane to Lyon. And I still need to paint 11 (!!!) Minis for this event.
I wonder am I alone in a situation like this?

oops one more guy
Ogrun Bokur

he has a shild, it is just hardly seen on this photo

Im not sure if I should post it here, but you can move it if you want.
The models that can cause questions

Gerlak Slaughterborn


Hope every thing is ok

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