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Titre: 13-14/06/2015 - POLIGON Convention - WARMACHiNE CLOGCON QUALIFIER
Posté par: John McForester le 18 mars 2015 à 19:38:06

Tout est là, c'est un des Qualifiers de la ClogCon. Le mec m'a répondu gentiment à ma question de français relou, alors je lui renvoie la politesse en faisant passer l'info ici.

Clogcon Qualifier.
First of all - sorry for late info, but now it should be quicker.
I would like to invite all of you for some Warmachine manouvers in Cracow.
We will be playing Masters format, so:
50 pts, 2 lists, ADR.
For now I am planning 64 places, but maybe it will grow :)
Accomodation: yet to be announced - we are currently talking with university dorminatories near museum. more info in future. If you want to book hotel i can help you with info if you need.

Entry fee: 35 euros (currently talking to include dinners in the price)