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French Open 2012 in Lyon, May 26/27 / Sick!
« le: 26 mai 2012 à 09:39:29 »
Hey guys i hope someone will see this so you dont wait for me to start. Ive fallen really sick overnight and cant come to the venue. I am hoping to get better and come tomorrow or maybe tonight. Really disapponted :(

Hey guys,

I'm looking forward to this week end, it should be really cool! As Zoro mailed out, he won't be arranging a dinner on Saturday so I thought I'd post here to hear if anything is being organised and raise my hand that I'm a hungry man :)

Second item is that I am arriving in Lyon on Friday early afternoon, and wanted to hear if there is a good games shop I should visit. If you have an address that would be great. Comic shops are also interesting although only if they sell comic books in English.
I'm also up for meeting up on Friday evening/afternoon for dinner or for a game. I do understand French and can get by speaking it as well.

Best regards,

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