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French Open FAQ
« le: 29 mars 2011 à 10:45:55 »
Last update: March 29th

No Assassination? Really? Don't you fear messing with the game balance?
Not really. What we're trying to achieve is an interesting set of games for everyone attending, and no one likes to stop playing on turn 2 because of an unexpected assassination – although it is true that losing your commander means you'll be playing an uphill battle. We also noticed than whenever assassination is a victory condition, people tend to go for assassination first and scenario second, if at all – and there’s no reason to play scenarios anymore.

So, in this tournament, assassination is not an end, but remains a very potent means to achieve victory. It has worked fine in our gaming community for many years, and we find it to be the best compromise between casual and heavily competitive play.

But… no assassination? Really?

You shouldn’t unduly worry about factors such as infantry hordes or autowin casters/locks. Time limits, Divide and Conquer, terrain and the scenario victory conditions of SR2011 all favor balanced forces.

So… is this final?
Yes. Bring the lists you want to bring. Do not worry, you’ll still win if you’re the best player.

Can I bring the same set of warcasters/warlocks on the two days ?
Yes, it is perfectly acceptable. You can for example bring Kaya the Wildborne, Kaya the Moonhunter and Baldur Stonecleaver on Saturday, and the exact same warlocks on Sunday.

I’ve never played with a time limit before. What if I’m a really slow player?
The time limits are devised to guarantee 4 meaningful turns per player. If you still feel you won’t manage to play inside these limits, bring lists with a low model count, for example beast- or ‘jack-centric.

What exactly happens when my time runs out?
Without Assassination victories, losing by the clock doesn't work well in our experience. So the rule is you reset the clock (or let it run) for 3-minute turns until Dice Down. In this way, you’re still heavily penalized for having used up your time, but if you set up your army for winning, you’re still able to do it. It can be easier to let your opponent check the clock for you.

I’m not an excellent English speaker. Will that be a problem?
From our international experience in Salzburg, we can honestly say that a little English is enough, the Warmachine/Hordes rules playing the part of a lingua franca between players. Frenchmen are famous for their inability to speak foreign languages, so you shouldn't worry or be ashamed.

I intend to spend a longer holiday/bring my girlfriend along/etc. Is there anything to see in Lyon?
Lyon is a wonderful city with enough sightseeing for a few days, with a Venetian-architecture Old City and Haussmannian City Center, among many other things. It is also a historical hub of trade routes that lead into the famed French country, with its celebrated wineries and other food wonders. The Alps are just a two-hour drive, and a lot of picturesque cities can be quickly reached by car. So yes, if you plan to stay any longer, Lyon is the perfect place!
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