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En ce moment The Legend of Zelda et Demon's Souls, mais j'ai encore à faire sur Dark Souls avant de continuer les jeux From Software par ordre chronologique (sauf si je fais Sekiro d'abord).

J'ai trouvé Captain Blood et Ultima (7,8) par curiosité, j'ai 12 jeux en cours sur switch (Smash, Dead Cells, Celeste, Furi...).

Et des backlogs de fou sur Steam/GoG/Epic/360/ps3...

C'est difficile à équilibrer certes, mais faut savoir ce qu'on veut garder comme mécanique essentielle, la rendre intéressante, puis construire le reste autour.

Là vu que la mécanique centrale arrête pas de changer de tout au tout, c'est plutôt inquiétant parce que ça veut dire que les mecs se rendent pas compte de ce qu'ils font. Franchement l'invoc sans action c'est juste pas attrayant.


Replace the text of Sacrifice with the following:
To replenish its essence points during your Control Phase, this model must choose a friendly non-soulless model in its control range. Troopers that are out of formation cannot be chosen. Remove the chosen model from play and this model gains essence points so that it has a number equal to its current ESSENCE.

Infernal Masters can now replenish their essence points by sacrificing any friendly Faction non-soulless model. This is effectively not a change to how the Faction functions, but is necessary because Cultist Bands are no longer marked souls.

Replace the text of Summoning with the following:
Summoning allows an infernal master to expend essence points to summon a horror from beyond time and space to add to its battlegroup.

An infernal master can summon a horror during its activation by spending a number of essence points equal to the base ESSENCE stat of the horror summoned. An infernal master can summon up to one horror each turn.

When an infernal master summons a horror, choose a friendly marked soul currently in the master’s control range. Replace the chosen marked soul with the horror and remove the marked soul from play. The horror enters play with one essence point. The horror is part of the infernal master’s battlegroup. A horror must forfeit its Combat Action the turn it is summoned.

Adding free horrors to the Infernal player's army every turn is proving game breaking in its effectiveness. Additionally, we wanted to see impactful cost associated with summoning so players may be less incentivized to summon horrors every turn. Instead of being able to summon an endless tide of horrors for little or no cost, players now have more finite resources to draw upon and their choices have consequences.

We will also be maintaining the stipulation that horrors must forfeit their Combat Actions the turn they are summoned to maintain counter play in the game. It is our findings that being able to add horrors to an army is a solid enough advantage that for the sake of balance we cannot also allow those models to take a Combat Action.

To ensure that summoned horrors maintain some presence on the battlefield, we are also introducing some new passive effects to those that did not already have them.


Alright, there you have it. I'm also going to provide a quick overview of these changes for simple digestion as well. Please make sure you refer to these main rules for completion, this is only a brief description:

    Cultists and Dark Sentinels lose Marked Soul
    Replenishing Essence works the same, except you must sacrifice a non-Soulless model (aka, basically everything in the army that isn't actually an Infernal from outside time-and-space)
    You can Summon during your Master's activation, and the Summoned Horror loses it's Combat Action
    To Summon, you ALSO have sacrifice a model with Marked Soul (Roget, Regna, Valin, Mordecai, Faustus, Kezia, Gideon, the Wretches) along with paying the Essence cost
    Yes, Regna also needs to sacrifice to Summon
    When you Summon the Horror, it replaces the model you sacrificed (so don't put that model in a place where you can't place the Horrors base!)

This is just a brief run-down, so please make sure you refer to the actual rules Jason provided above.

Now, let's move onto other model changes.

Change it's Feat to
Feat: Well of Sorrow
When an enemy model casts a spell while in Agathon’s control range, increase the COST of the spell by 1. Additionally, while in Agathon’s control range, models gain one additional dice on their magic attack rolls and magic attack damage rolls. For each of those attack rolls, you choose one of the dice rolled to be discarded. Well of Sorrow lasts for one round.

We wanted to take another direction for Agathon. We were looking for something that plays into Agathon's nature as a pinnacle of arcane might. We decided to go with a feat that 1) punishes your opponent for casting and then 2) amps up your own casting potential. Let us know how this feels in battle reports!

Remove Vengeful
Add Flashing Blade

Simple game play improvement. Vengeful just wasn't doing much. We don't necessarily need a high-impact, cast-this-every-turn spell in that spot, but we wanted to give him something he would consider casting in the right situation. We think Flashing Blade is that right spell, as it let's him get in and really turn things to mush.


So, we are making some changes to most of the horrors by adding what we are calling passive effects. In most cases, we simply gave them a rule, and the goal is to provide something for them to do, passively, on the turn they are summoned. Obviously, almost all of these effects persist throughout the entire duration of the game, but our primary goal was to make your positioning of how you summon them a bit more relevant. Of these, only the Desolator truly gained an effect that triggers off of summoning, but we think all of these go a long way to giving the Horrors a "job when summoned." We feel that the Foreboder as a Channeler and the Lamenter with it's Soul Parasites already have these elements.

Soul Stalker
Add Soul Ward
Soul Ward - Enemy models cannot gain soul tokens from models destroyed in this model’s command range.

Add Countercharge
Countercharge - When an enemy model advances and ends its movement within 6˝ of this model and in its LOS, this model can immediately charge it. This model can use Countercharge only once per round and not while engaged.

Add Anathema
Anathema - When this model is summoned, center a 4˝ AOE cloud effect on it. Enemy models entering the AOE suffer one point of corrosion damage XICONX. The AOE remains in play for one round.

Change Essence to 3

Add Wailing
Wailing - While within 5˝ of this model, enemy models cannot give or receive orders and cannot cast spells.


Cultist Band and Dark Sentinel
Remove Dark Cult
Increase the RNG of Touch of Darkness (★Action) to 3.

As part of the change discussed by Jason at the top of this post, Cultists and Dark Sentinels are no longer Marked Souls. You can still sacrifice them to replenish Essence, but you can not use them to summon. We have increased the range of Touch of Darkness though, to make healing a bit easier.

Great Princess Regna Gravnoy
Add to Master Infernalist:
This model must have at one horror in its battlegroup at the start of the game.

Regna now must begin the game with a Horror in her battlegroup. She can still only summon and control lights and lessers. Remember, if she dies, her Horror is removed, because yes, she can in fact sacrifice herself to summon a Horror, which then immediately disappears. Value!

The Wretch
Change Point Cost from 3 to 4
Remove Mortal Fear

Add Entropic Force:
Entropic Force - While within 5˝ of this model, enemy models lose Tough XICONX and cannot have damage removed from them.

Gain Ancillary Attack (★Action) as a Magic Ability spell:
Ancillary Attack (★Action) - RNG 3. Target friendly Faction horror. If the horror is in range, it immediately makes one basic melee or ranged attack. A horror can be targeted by an Ancillary Attack special action only once per turn.

With the summoning changes, we wanted to give the Wretch a bit more of an identity, and to make it not be the model you automatically reach for to sacrifice for summoning. Ancillary Attack in particular leads to an interesting decision tree of "do I sacrifice this model, or do I sacrifice another model so that I can utilize ancillary on the model just summoned?" for example.

We also weren't super happy with mortal fear, and opted instead for Entropic Force to give it a kind of withering aura.

Mordecai, Master of Arms
Remove Sow Discord

Change the text of Shadow to:
Shadow - Choose an enemy model/unit in this model’s command range. If the enemy model/unit advances during its activation, one friendly warrior model in this model’s command range can immediately make a full advance. Shadow lasts for one round.

Add Valley of Woe:
Valley of Woe - Choose an enemy warrior model/unit in this model’s command range. The enemy model/unit loses Pathfinder XICONX and cannot gain it for one round.

Sow Discord has been removed. We have exchanged it for a Plan that removes Pathfinder. I think this gives us the disruption we're looking for without it being quite the Mobile Oppression Palace is was previously. His Plans are all back to being Choose and not Target, and not requiring LOS. Keep us in the loop on that one, let us know how that feels.

Infernal Gate
Remove Infernal Portal.

With the change to summoning, we decided to remove Infernal Portal.

La taverne de BG / Re : Re : Equipe wtc monégasque.
« le: 14 mars 2019 à 17:47:39 »
On pourrait découvrir que Titi gagne ses parties passé un certain degré d'alcoolémie... reste a savoir si il survient avant ou apres le seuil du comas éthylique  ;D
Faut pas que le taux monte trop vite alors  :P

Faction Cryx / Re : VENETHRAX BI
« le: 11 mars 2019 à 22:21:47 »
C'est pas un peu la galère autant de Slayers pas pathfinder ?

Non mais c'est Dark Legacy, ça peut changer encore. (oui 2016 ça va  ::) )

Pour info le Lotf menace potentiellement à + de 19". Il peut charger une cible, tirer, TP dans le dos de sa cible de tir, et faire ses attaques de mêlée dont le "tresher".
Si il charge il doit faire son attaque de charge (tresher ou pas) avant de tirer, et après il peut jsute racheter des attaques (donc pas de tresher).

En fait ils ont accès à environ 40 casters avec la deuxième TF...

Pour clarifier, pour l'instant personne ne nous rejoint.

Dans le dernier CID il y en effet un warcaster Mercenaire qui est aussi Partisan[Cryx], donc on devrait avoir d'ici environ 2 mois le profil d'un nouveau warcaster. Mais comme on a pas encore de profil définitif ça sert à rien de faire des listes, surtout que le sien a beaucoup changé entre chaque màj.

Pour la clarté du forum et son accessibilité à tous (même ceux qui ne suivent pas les profils en beta test), on va éviter d'en discuter tant qu'on a pas le profil final dans warroom/card database.

Faction Cryx / Re : Re : [McFo] Débriphages et listes
« le: 27 février 2019 à 14:15:55 »
oui mais le pv auto si on rentre dedans ne s'évite pas.

Apparemment donner corrosion continue est nul donc pour cryx c'est non undead qui prend un pv auto... histoire de pas trop réfléchir  :P
Uniquement les gens qui rentrent ou restent dedans. Donc en plus de pas gérer les undeads, ça ne gère l'immunité au blast que pour préventivement.

Faction Cryx / Re : VENETHRAX BI
« le: 22 février 2019 à 15:13:34 »
Le problème que j'ai avec Veny c'est que je sais pas quoi faire avec. Vu le peu d'effets cool sur nos jacks, la contre-charge est pas très dissuasive. Et même, on peut lui mettre des jacks mais Terminal Velocity c'est quand même pas toujours bien (si y'a pas de vivants en face c'est pas terrible comme sort). Du coup on va jouer sur Mortality, et là c'est pas trop des jacks que j'ai envie de jouer.

tl;dr pour jouer un spam débile, Asphy3 est juste mieux.

Sur les nouveau modèles, ça fait un peu "on test des trucs mais on sait pas vraiment ce qu'on veut faire avec"

Semaine 3 :

Captain Rahera, Terror of the Wailing Sea

Cut Blood Boon, Crit Decap, and Tactician.

Change feat to:
Feat: Bloodletting
Model in Rahera’s battlegroup currently in her control range and friendly living warrior models currently in her control range can immediately make one basic melee or ranged attack.

Add Blood Weaver:
Blood Weaver - Immediately after resolving an attack in which it destroyed an enemy model with a melee attack, this model can cast a spell with COST 3 or less without spending focus.

Add Gang Fighter:
Gang Fighter - When making a melee attack targeting an enemy model in the melee range of another friendly Faction warrior model, this model gains +2 to melee attack and melee damage rolls.

Add Leadership [living Privateer or Scharde]:
Leadership [living Privateer or Scharde] - While in this model’s command range, friendly living Privateer or Scharde models gain Sprint.


Cost 34.
Firebreathers POW 14.


Change Bond [Shae] to:
Bond [Shae] - If this model begins the game in Shae’s battlegroup, it is bonded to him. This model is not considered to be bonded while under your opponent's control. While this model is bonded to Shae and in his control range, its gains Extended Control Range. (When checking to see if this model is in Shae’s control range, double the range.)


Cut Brutal Charge, Close Volley, and Dual Attack.

Gain Assault XICONX.

Gain Defensive Strike:
Defensive Strike - Once per turn, when an enemy model advances into and ends its movement in this model’s melee range, this model can immediately make one basic melee attack against it.

Gain Dodge:
Dodge - This model can advance up to 2˝ immediately after an enemy attack that missed it is resolved unless it was missed while advancing. It cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.

Gain Duelist:
Duelist - This model gains +2 DEF against melee attack rolls.

Pepper Box to Hold Out RNG 4 POW 12


Gain Girded.

Powder Monkey

Change the text of Catastrophic Explosion to:
Catastrophic Explosion - When this model is disabled by an enemy attack, choose a point 2d6 + 3˝ from this model and roll deviation from that point, with direction 4 on the deviation template pointing directly toward the rear edge of your deployment zone. Center a 4˝ AOE on the point of impact. Models in the AOE suffer an unboostable POW 12 fire damage roll XICONX and the Fire continuous effect XICONX.

(*note: this will also affect the Grymkin Mad Caps)

Talion Theme Force

Change the fourth benefit to:
After models are deployed at the start of the game, you can place up to two 3˝ AOEs any where on the table at least 6˝ away from the nearest enemy model. These AOES are hazards and rough terrain that remain in play for the first round of the game. A model entering or ending its activation in one of these AOEs suffers an unboostable POW 12 blast damage roll XICONX.

A 1pt/figurine ils coûtent pas plus cher qu'un grunt avec :
*+2 RAT
*+6 RNG
*Black Penny
Du coup c'est mieux de mettre 3 riflemens plutôt que de passer à full (je trouve) et surtout ça apporte des tirs pas nuls.

Est-ce que c'est dont les pirates ont besoin/envie, j'en sais rien, mais c'est loin d'être nul.

Le peuple veut les résultats !

Il est valable avec un jackmarshall, surtout l'officier des gunmages. Même pas besoin de caster !

Du coup, vos knights reviennent-ils sur les tables?
Ils avaient pas vraiment quitté mes listes Dark Host.

Mais là j’envisage carrément la doublette.

En effet, et je donne la raison vu que c'est plus constructif que de digresser : Rockbottom marche que sur les Sea Dogs.

Note que tu peut pas utiliser rockbottom sur les shardes, parce qu'ils ont décidé que l'identité de faction de mercenaire, c'est d'utiliser 17 mots clés différents pour les capacités histoire qu'on se mette facilement les pieds dans le tapis.
Ils sont privateer dans le thème. (Edit : mais ça ne suffit pas.)

(Information qui est dans le message de Mhean quelques postes plus haut, merci de vérifier un peu ce que tu dis quand c'est pour contredire quelqu'un.)

Je pense que tu as manqué et l'information importante du message
Tu veux dire celle qui était déjà dans son message précédent ?

Tough steady sur des pelo 13/11 1boxe pas immunisés aux blasts, c'est quand même pas la même chose. Pis offensivement, à part la combo débile Shardes + Rockbottom,  je suis pas sûr que ça inquiète vraiment. (Ils sont pas Sea Dogs donc non en fait.)

Discussions Générales / Re : Re : Question inscription
« le: 04 février 2019 à 22:00:07 »
A un moment les gars, si vous avez des amis qui arrivent pas à s'inscrire sur le forum... Faut peut-être pas les amener quoi. :-°

Discussions Générales / Re : Question inscription
« le: 04 février 2019 à 16:08:36 »
C'est Hordes le jeu avec des monstres.

Faction Cryx / Re : Re : Bloodgorgers
« le: 03 février 2019 à 23:29:29 »
Sinon, quelqu'un les voient sur table de temps à autre ?
Moi je persiste, probablement par nostalgie. Je me dis que quand même 2 attaques mat 7-8 c'est pas dégueux, le problème c'est de garder Gerlack pas loin, d'avoir des vivants en face et de réussir des tofs.

Faction Khador / Re : Banes et Witches euh non. Doomies et Greylords
« le: 30 janvier 2019 à 17:50:08 »
T'as pas un débrief du WTC à faire en section Cryx toi ?

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